R.Budd Dwyer Scholarship

The R. Budd Dwyer Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing students of Blooming Valley with support for higher education. Inspired by the late State Treasurer R.Budd Dwyer, we hope to help local students achieve the education they want and deserve.

"Only In America"

State Senator Portrait.

"Only in America could a kid from Blooming Valley, without affluence, without a political base and without a political legacy, be elected to a statewide office in the fourth largest state in this great nation of ours. I think all of us can be so grateful because if it can happen to me, it can happen to many more like me and like you." - R.Budd Dwyer

These words, spoken by Budd during his first Treasury inauguration, sum up not only who Budd Dwyer was but what he stood for. The R.Budd Dwyer Scholarship Fund strives to preserve the integrity of those words and support those individuals who endeavor to achieve more.

This non-protfit scholarship is operated out of Budd’s hometown of Blooming Valley, PA and is available to all Blooming Valley residents. To apply for the scholarship please contact us here.